Active Online Media

Provides a professional service to various industries in co-developing their strategy for future growth and upliftment within the current economy. 

Registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants the latest rules and statutory requirements are incorporated when developing a companies strategy. 

We link current business models and processes into the Companies DNA allowing for new decision making tools and employee involvement in the longevity of the organisation.
All the latest technologies are incorporated into the building and implementation of the Corporates strategy. We assist the client to track initiatives and assess their successful implementation of their strategy.

We see business as a complex interaction of many factors and disciplines. We like to visualise this relationship as a Rubic’s cube: the colours are constantly changing in relation to one another creating new patterns.  

If you are looking to step up your Corporate game then contact us and lets see what magic can be made.

Active Online Media is the parent structure for a number of divisions operating within it.

Active Online - is the digital stragtegy for Corporate to SME businesses wanting to create an online foot print using the latest digital media platforms available. We also supply and install Cellphone Signal Booster solutions for Home, Business & your Vehicle.

Active Lifestyle - focuses on the innserself and understanding what action one takes to uplift their energy levels in this hectic work space we live in.

African Trading - focuses on your Financial Wealth and gives one the tools to become a Global Citizen.

Offroad4x4 Training - Is an accredited 4x4 Training Academy operating in Gauteng, KZN and WCape

Other business partners to launch soon.



COVID-19 Announcement

As from Thursday 26 March 2020, South Africa had to go into lockdown as a result of the Corona Virus Disease that broke out in December 2019, better known as COVID-19. For more information with regards to this, please visit our government's website

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