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Web Prescence

Your company is unique, so your marketing presence should encompass all that you stand for.  

There is no doubt that a website is crucial for a company’s portfolio and business goals. The Web has taken over people’s lives in such a way that we fail to see how we ever functioned without it! It’s the easiest and most accessible form of information gathering.

Market competition is tough out there, trendsetters are moving and shaking, and a company has little chance of engaging in effective marketing and communication tools if it is not visible on the web. Having a website is not only cost-effective, it also brings the world to your doorstep as you are accessible and your brand is instantly recognisable! No matter how hidden you may be in your niche market, if you have a website, you can always be found!

Some customers prefer to have some knowledge of a company before conducting business, and so your website needs to be a cut above the rest. You can create a network with other businesses and customers, bringing more than just potential business your way.

Active Online believes in the power of harnessing your company’s particular profile and communicating your business over the Internet in the most distinctive, exceptional and attractive creation that will set you apart from the rest. No company is the same, so why should you conform to and accept a standard website that has little appeal and is “flat” to your customer’s eye?

Mobile Prescence

Today’s most powerful tool of communication is the cellphone, and the web is the most accessible mode of information.

Most cellphones have the ability to view and surf the Web with ease, allowing the user to surf for information in a compact form while on the move.

Active Online incorporates this technology into your marketing presence and planing activities. If it’s client engagement – product information – searching criteria we have access to technical experts that deliver the correct platforms to make your business accessible to all devices..

To be present and accessible at your desired market’s fingertips while they are on the move is an advantage that your company cannot afford to ignore. Mobile advertising is increasing as the usability of smart phones is empowering the end user to take part.  


Wouldn’t you like your company to be at the top of a Google search list?

It’s not a tough question! Everyone would like to see their company’s name at the top of a Google search list because their company is more visible and easily detectable in their particular – and undoubtedly competitive – market.

At Active Online Media, we believe that visibility is key in Internet marketing strategies. We understand that being at the top of the market’s mind is essential for a business to reap the rewards of the digital marketing age.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for.  

Simply put, SEO is the process of considering what web visitors are hunting for and therefore improving the volume of traffic to a website from search engines via “organic” search results.

Active Online will analyse your target market and help you form the best keywords to be used in your Google Adwords Campaigns.

SEO is an ongoing process that needs to monitored and your website updated as trends change ensuring you are always visible online. Please note SEO is not a once off exercise but needs to be incorporated into your monthly marketing spend. We assist in developing a longterm SEO strategy for your business. Spending on Google Adwords is a must and is incorporated into your broader marketing plan.

Is it time to review your Marketing strategy including your online presence?

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